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I graduated with a degree in Graphic Communications from the University of Glamorgan in 2011 and have been living and working in London ever since.

I live off of design, photography, videography/cinematography, creativity, football, snowboarding, sport, music, traveling, style, culture, and a lot of other awesome things.

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Whatever the teams, HBO’s Road to the NHL Winter Classic is always one of my favourite shows to watch over December; Great access, great characters, brilliantly voiced over, beautifully shot, and always a brilliant soundtrack.

29.12.2013   #nhl  #Road to the Winter Classic  #hbo  #tv  

Just finished watching the first episode of HBO’s 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic for the Flyers and Rangers, and I am so happy they have continued this for a second year. I love behind the scenes Obs Docs and American sports so this is a perfect combination. I loved the first series last year with Penguins and Capitals and it even made me like those teams just a little bit more than I normally would have.

This second series is already building on what was good about the first and I’m already starting to like certain guys more than others (I hope they talk more with Ilya Bryzgalov, and on the opposite side of the scale I was really not fussed with Sean Avery).

Can’t wait for the rest of this series and the Winter Classic; it’s the best kind of hockey game to watch when it’s outside on an ice rink built specifically for this one game on top of a American Football/Baseball field.

15.12.2011   #Road to the Winter Classic  #NHL Winter Classic  #tv   ❤1

Actually getting excited for the new season of HBO’s 24/7 The Road to the Winter Classic, even if it is for the Flyers and Rangers.

27.11.2011   #NHL  #Road to the Winter Classic  

Finally finished watching the Road to the Winter Classic 24/7 mini series. Pretty amazing stuff to see behind the scenes leading up to such an event, plus ice hockey is such an awesome sport!

14.1.2011   #Road to the Winter Classic  #Ice Hockey  #TV  #nhl   ❤1