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I’ve avoided posting about Ice Hockey during the off season but couldn’t hold off any longer..
So Kovy’s signed with SKA St Petersberg of the KHL, at least until the NHL lockout ends (whenever that may be), he’s also walked straight into the Captain’s job, and he’s not the only one to head to Russia for hockey so far. 

It’s good to see that there will be hockey in one way or another this year, but the NHL and the players need to get their act together to get this situation sorted and stop it happening once again.

21.9.2012   #Ilya Kovalchuk  #New Jersey Devils  #nhl  #KHL   ❤2

We lose one captain, but we get one back (behind the bench as an assistant coach) instead.
Welcome back to the Devils, Scott Stevens. 

18.7.2012   #Scott Stevens  #New Jersey Devils  #nhl   ❤32

Goodbye Parise.
it’s sucks to see him leave the Devils as It felt like he was the franchise player who was going to be a Brodeur, Daneyko or Elias playing his whole career in New Jersey.
I’m glad he got the contract he wanted ($98 Million over 13 years), and gets to play in his home state, because that was obviously a big thing for him, and I hope he has the same success and more there that he had with the Devils.

4.7.2012   #Zach Parise  #New Jersey Devils  #nhl   ❤3

So gutted to wake up and see that the Kings had won 6-1 against the Devils in LA last night to become the Stanley Cup champions by winning their 4th game in the best of 7 series.

Congratulations to the LA Kings on their first Stanley Cup ever as a franchise, and I’m not bitter as a Devils fan, it sucks that we fell two games short of the Cup after being down by 3 game but considering we didn’t even make the playoffs last year, I couldn’t be more proud to see the Devils not only make the playoffs, but come back to win in 7 against the Panthers, beat the Flyers in 5, become the Eastern Conference Champ by beating the Rangers in 6, and being the first team to beat the Kings in the playoffs on home ice and to get two straight wins against them so there’s definitely no shame in this season and playoff run.

Now we just need to get Parise locked up into a nice long contract and to make another run at the cup starting in October! 

12.6.2012   #New Jersey Devils  #NHL   ❤1

3 games down and the Devils pull off a win on the road and then the win last night to beat the Kings and hand them their first on the road defeat, and their first two straight losses in this year’s playoffs.
Don’t count this team out for one second. 
Just two more wins. 

10.6.2012   #New Jersey Devils  #nhl   ❤4

Well worth staying up until 4am UK time to see Adam Henrique put away the game winning goal in overtime to send the Devils to the Stanley Cup Finals.
Just four more wins..

26.5.2012   #New Jersey Devils  #nhl   ❤12

Amazing shot of Ryan Carter and Stephen Gionta celebrating at MSG after Carter scored the 4th goal for New Jersey in a 5-3 victory against the New York Rangers to put the the Devils up 3-2 in the series. Just one more win..

24.5.2012   #New Jersey Devils  #nhl   ❤2

Bank holiday tomorrow means a day off from work which meant staying up until half 3 to watch the Devils win 4-2 and take a 3-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals heading back to Philly for Game 5. 

7.5.2012   #New Jersey Devils  #nhl   ❤2

3-2 double-overtime win in game 7. Great series of hockey by both teams but Adam Henrique seals the win for us with 2 goals.
Bring on the Flyers (and my crappy attempt at a playoff beard stays)!

27.4.2012   #New Jersey Devils  #NHL   ❤15

Great to see this when waking up this morning.
Tried to stay awake to watch the game but when it starts at 12.30am here in the UK it was going to be impossible. Glad it’s going to a Game 7 though thanks to Zajac’s OT goal. 

25.4.2012   #New Jersey Devils  #nhl   ❤1