Hi, my name is Daniel and I'm a 24 year old Graphic Designer.

I graduated with a degree in Graphic Communications from the University of Glamorgan in 2011 and have been living and working in London ever since.

I live off of design, photography, videography/cinematography, creativity, football, snowboarding, sport, music, traveling, style, culture, and a lot of other awesome things.

All views are of course my own.

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Braid - Bang

The first track and my favourite track off the new(ish) Braid record.

(Source: Spotify)

31.8.2014   #braid  #no coast  #music  

Such a fun and unique way to show off a city by photographer/film maker Rob Whitworth. This Flow Motion style is a cool way to keep the timelapse style that has become popular very fresh.
Barcelona is still on my bucket list of places to visit too.

31.8.2014   #barcelona  #rob whitworth  #flow motion  

First home game back at The Lane this season and it was a great game, a great result and a great atmosphere. You couldn’t have wished for anything better, and although it’s still very early days I’m quietly confident in Pochettino, the philosophy and tactics he’s instilled already, and the team in making this a better year than last year in so many ways.

..and it more than likely won’t last long so we have to enjoy it while we can..
"We’re top of the league! We’re top of the league! We’re Tottenham Hotspur! We’re top of the league!"

25.8.2014   #tottenham hotspur  #White Hart Lane  #football   ❤3

Excellent way to start the new season!

And what a debut for Eric Dier, I thought he played well in last week’s friendly against Schalke and today he was solid as a centre back, covered well at right back after Naughton was sent off, and that goal was the icing on the cake. 
Would have loved to have been in the crowd today, but QPR at home to look forward to next week.

16.8.2014   #eric dier  #tottenham hotspur   ❤3

Such sad news to hear of the passing of Robin Williams.
He was a truly unique and amazing individual. More than just a comedian, but never failed to make me laugh or smile. 
Rest in Peace Robin.

(Photo by Mark Mann for Esquire’s 80th Anniversary)

12.8.2014   #robin williams  #rip  #rest in peace  

Good game, good result, good weather, good atmosphere and good to be back at the Lane today for Spurs vs Schalke, the last of the preseason friendlies.
The team looked great, stayed in possession, and kept Schalke away from our end. I was especially impressed with Eric Dier making his first start in a Spurs shirt. Only worrying aspect for me was that we still aren’t converting a lot of goalscoring chances but I’m sure that will click quickly once the games start coming thick and fast.

Didn’t manage to get a ticket for West Ham away so next game for me will be the home opener against QPR. Can’t wait for the season to start now!

10.8.2014   #tottenham hotspur  #White Hart Lane  #football   ❤2

I first posted about layer tennis back in 2010 (I think.. it was certainly a while ago) so I’m glad to see that Coudal and Adobe have partnered up once again to bring it back for season 4 starting with 2 ‘exhibition matches’ today.

Check out both matches from today: Koxvold vs Reyes and Kleon vs Anderson from today (the above pictures are volleys 1, 2, 3 and 4 from Koxvold vs Reyes). 

9.8.2014   #layer tennis  #design  

Chris Pratt has got to be one of the most awesome human being ever and I think everyone who hadn’t watched Parks & Rec before is finding that out now.

(And whoever synced this up to the actual track is pretty awesome too).

6.8.2014   #chris pratt  #forget about dre  #eminem  #music  

Flood of Red - Lashes

Flood of Red has gotten better and better ever since I first saw them play in the back room of the Travellers Rest in Lincoln when I was 17. Criminally underrated as a band and as a human beings.
Still hard to believe that this is only their second full length album (and it’s a very good one at that). 

(Source: Spotify)

2.8.2014   #flood of red  #throw  #music  

Spent the day enjoying the sun in London and then spent the evening in Milton Keynes on the slope.

For the first 5 minutes I felt like the snowboarding equivalent of Bambi on ice as it’s been a while since I’ve been on a board but quickly got back into the flow and even felt comfortable starting to ride switch, hitting the simple box rails, and catching a bit of air.

27.7.2014   #snowboarding  #Xscape